AwayFind Filters Email So You Don't Have To

February 2, 2010

9:51 pm

AwayFind Stop Checking Email

Sometimes we get so much email it’s almost impossible to unplug for a moment to focus on other tasks at hand. There’s always the risk that a message requiring your immediate attention will pop into your inbox while you are busy doing other things.  AwayFind aims to help solve this problem.

AwayFind, created by Maryland-based SET Consulting, is a tool that filters your incoming email messages and uses any number of criteria that you specify such as a specific keyword, priority level, sent-by address, etc. Once an item triggers the filter, it can alert you by SMS, IM, or even Twitter DM. The service can even call you and read the message to you using text to voice. That’s a nice touch.

The most powerful feature of the new AwayFind is the ability to route an incoming message to someone else. For example, if you have a client who is having an emergency, the message can be sent directly to someone who could help without you ever having to see the email. So in essence AwayFind helps you find and take action on what you can’t in your cluttered mess of an inbox, real-time, when you need it.

There’s no doubt, if you spend a lot of time dealing with email, AwayFind will allow you to filter out the noise and focus only on what is important. Just keep in mind you will need to plan some time to setup the necessary filters that direct your email to the various distribution mechanisms. Also, AwayFind is not mind reading software, so if you receive an email from someone new, it may not know what to do with that message. But it’s flexible enough that you could set up an alert for unknown email addresses (although that could get a little annoying and defeat the purpose). Check out the AwayFind video demo (below) and sign-up for the fresh new beta here.

AwayFind CEO and Founder Jared Goralnick (@technotheory) will be on hand at TECH cocktail DC 8 to demo the latest product.

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