Email Overload Combatant and Alert System AwayFind Gets Funded and Moves to SF

September 19, 2010

11:13 pm

We all get a lot of email these days. In the time I wrote this article I received at least two dozen. While some people may get more email than others, its safe to say that all this email can cut into your daily productivity. In fact, it can be a huge distraction. To combat this problem, some people have resorted to only answering email a few times a day, rather than continuously from morning till night. While this probably won’t work for everyone, it does allow you to focus and ultimately should enable you to be more productive.

AwayFind is a product built for people looking to check their email fewer times throughout the day by offering an alert system of sorts for the most important messages. It is a web application that helps your most important messages find you, so you can get away from your inbox without worry. We first got a look at AwayFind when then DC-based entrepreneur Jared Goralnick was a featured startup at our second ever Washington, D.C. startup mixer event in early 2008, as seen in this video interview. Since then, Jared has sold his consulting business to focus on AwayFind full-time.

The product was relaunched into a beta this past May with a more robust alert system.  The new product also syncs directly to Google apps and Gmail and offers a Firefox Plug-in to enable an easy way to setup filters. Watch the video about the AwayFind Firefox plug-in here. It also leverages SMS, voice call, email, Twitter and AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk instant messenger. This is a huge improvement from the first version of AwayFind because it now works as an active alert system on the lookout for email messages from specific senders.

stop checking email

Stop checking email

AwayFind has also been busy raising an angel round of funding. They recently received part of that round from “super angel” Dave McClure of 500 Startups and is currently trying to gather another $250K to keep the product roadmap on track. Jared also moved to San Francisco where he was recently a featured startup at our first San Francisco startup mixer event last week. It’s great to see a product like AwayFind, started as a side project when it was first featured at our DC event in 2008, get funded, progress and be featured again in San Francisco this past week. That’s what our TECH Cocktail startup mixers are all about.

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