Axum Has Created the Wireless Sports Earbuds The World Needs

August 26, 2016

5:00 pm

Working out to music is a necessity in the active world. Not only is it motivational, but music provides you the entertainment necessary to push through even the toughest road blocks. Unfortunately, cords and cables get in the way of your range of motion, halting your productivity before you can hit your stride. Until now.

As per the headline, Axum has created the wireless sports earbuds that the world has been waiting for with bated breath. The features sizes makes them a must for any aspiring athlete. The sound quality is unmatched in the wireless headphone market. And the fact that it’s waterproof is enough to make even the laziest couch potato to go for a swim just to listen to the Little Mermaid tune Under the Sea while underwater. Because let’s be honest, that’s the dream.

The true concern for wireless sports headphones is their ability to stay in your ear. Everyone’s are different and most companies have struggled to design an earbud that can stay put no matter what you do. Axum has changed that. With a small rubber triangle that lightly but effectively pushes on your ear, these earbuds won’t be going anywhere during even the most rigorous workout.

Worried about charging these Bluetooth-compatible earbuds? Well, don’t! Rather than having users fiddle with cords and wires, Axum comes with a nifty carrying case that uses magnets to charge them without a worry. Yes, you’ll have to plug in the carrying case, but wireless charging technology hasn’t completely eliminated cords just yet.

Whether or not you believe these earbuds will change the way people work out, their Indiegogo campaign has proven that they will. With more than 400 percent of their paltry $15,000 goal, Axum still has a month left before it closes. Fortunately for you, there are still a few early bird models left so you can get these life-changing earbuds for only $149.

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