Babble Brings the Right Online Friends Closer to You

August 29, 2016

11:45 am

Facebook is actually a great platform to connect or re-connect with old friends or seal a new friendship, not just in real life, but in your digital life as well. I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve found myself unable to communicate with the friends I have on Facebook, and I was wondering if I want everyone with whom I connect to see every post I publish on this platform. Of course, settings help a bit, but they don’t quite solve the problem. Babble tries to bring an alternative solution in a form of an app.


Babble is built on the Facebook platform, so it uses the network of friends you have already built. But with Babble you can start again from scratch and select just the (maybe few?) people to whom you want to get closer. That could be the reason why you don’t see all your Facebook friends as you log in to Babble using your profile. Instead, you need to send an invite to selected friends.

Babble seems to have found a way to help you and me find a balance in our digital lives. Since social media has grown just too big and impersonal to share your actual thoughts, some of us – including myself – have reduced interaction with it to group chats. That could change with Babble, as it is a platform that is bigger than a group chat but smaller than Facebook. It’s like a virtual room, where only your best friends are invited.


On the other hand, it is packed with multiple features. Your posts go to the right people with each particular post. Imagine an embarrassing post: well, with Babble only your best friends can see it. On the other hand, when you visit another town or just want to have a coffee in good company, you can expand its reach to those close by.


What I particularly liked are the self-destruct feature and the post reach feature. You can set a post to disappear within the range of three hours to a month, so it’s quite nice. Also, the range of post reach can be set from five blocks up to 25 miles.

What didn’t quite work was the publish later function. Whenever I tried to use it, and then hit the publish later button, it brought me back to my activity page, without seeing the test post or the ability to schedule it for later.

Overall, the app is a good attempt to bring your online friends closer and also reminded me that maybe it’s time to pick up the phone and call my friends sometimes, alongside commenting or hitting the Like button on their Facebook activity. Download Babble from the App Store, it’s free!


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