Backblaze Expands Its Options for External Hard Drive Storage

January 27, 2016

11:00 am

Backblaze is now a very popular cloud backup service (much like many others), but unique in its B2 program and offers a low-cost cloud storage that, so far, has no rival. Initially focused on personal and business cloud backup solutions, the service is always trying to innovate and become unique in a market that is getting more and more competitive.

Being a backup service, Backblaze always gave its clients the option pay $189 in order to receive an external hard drive containing a full copy of the data they had on Backblaze’s servers. However, in an age where almost everyone has an external hard drive already, this seemed like a waste of hardware, and chances are that the hard drive sent by the company would just collect dust somewhere inside a drawer, or in a corner of the office.

In order to eliminate this waste and make the process cheaper for everyone, Backblaze has recently announced some changes to this restore option: they will still ship an external hard drive with all the data, but now all clients are entitled to a full refund if they return the hard drive within 30 days – clients have to support the shipping costs of that return, though.

Despite this news, restoring data can be made (as usual) directly from the web with no charges associated. But having the possibility of getting the data at your door for a small price can be great, in order to avoid broadband consumption, which can be an important factor for slower connections (and stops ISPs from annoying you for “downloading too much data”).

In addition, this can be useful for subscribers who want to keep a local copy of their data (which is essential, both for people and businesses), as they get that copy and an external hard drive to keep around.

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