4 Bad Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Eliminate From Their Routine

March 14, 2017

5:50 pm

Getting in a productive daily routine can be the difference maker for budding entrepreneurs. But if you’ve developed some bad habits, it can stop productivity in it’s tracks. Fortunately, breaking bad habits is something successful entrepreneurs are great at.

We asked four entrepreneurs what bad habits entrepreneurs should eliminate from their daily routine. Check out their answers below and make productivity a priority:

Racing Against the Clock

It’s easy to get caught up in crazy work hours and infinite meetings for business growth; there is never enough time. But you can’t do everything. Hire and delegate tasks that you don’t need to do. Always make room for your health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and whatever makes you happy outside of work. The more you delegate the small things, the more time you’ll have for the big things.

– Angela Delmedico of Elev8 Consulting Group

Being Too Wrapped Up in Work

These days, we have a million different sources of information vying for our attention. That’s especially true if you’re an entrepreneur under the weight of a constant string of emails and communications from clients. Here’s the problem: Those constant interruptions are killing your productivity. Especially when working on an important project, learn to shut yourself off from the world for a while.

– Steven Buchwald of Buchwald & Associates

Letting One Bad Day Define You As An Entrepreneur

Getting caught up in the day-to-day challenges can overwhelm you and make you lose sight of your goals and accomplishments. Don’t do it. Understand that one day does not define you as an entrepreneur. It also does not define your business. You will have good and bad days, and you will make mistakes. Try to let that go and focus on the bigger picture.

– Uchechi Kalu of Linking Arts

Dealing With Small Tasks Over and Over Again

Every time we re-visit a task or decision, we are wasting precious time and energy. I used to revisit the same emails throughout the day, shuffled bills from pile to pile, and would come home to a sink piling up with dirty dishes. Now, I have a rule that if any task will take me one minute or less to complete, I must do it. Now, everything from my inbox to my kitchen sink is clear and manageable.

– Emily Richett of Richett Media

Photo: Flickr / Steven Vacher

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