BallotBook: Your Online Local Political Candidate Hub

October 4, 2010

12:12 pm

Face it – most of us are not as prepared as we should be when it comes to local elections. When local election time comes, we’re often lucky if we recognize the names on the ballot, never mind having a solid grasp on where they stand on local issues. And honestly, with all the marketing and propaganda, it can be challenging to really learn about and understand your local candidates. A new site called BallotBook now offers a place where voters can enter their address online and be supplied with a list of the candidates currently running for office, all of the channels of information available to them, and a feed of what community members are saying about and asking of the candidates. BallotBook also allows for users to ask questions directly to the candidates without having going through the rigmarole.

BallotBook ScreenShot


Once an actual candidate logs in and joins the conversation, they can tailor advertisements to the communities that they want to reach most. It’s a win-win for local voters who want to know about the political candidates in their region and for the candidates who want to be able to reach their voters.

BallotBook is free for all users. To comment, users must sign up for a free account. Experienced political campaign manager Rod Walline, freelance programmer and entrepreneur Brent Weber, and political consultant Blaine Milner founded BallotBook. Come meet the team behind your new online localized political community at TECH cocktail Austin on October 7th.

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