Gamers are Obsessed With BAND: Here’s Why

June 15, 2015

7:00 pm

If you’ve ever played any kind of online game before you know that communication is a key element to success. It doesn’t matter if you’re about to close out a round in DOTA or if you’re playing Call of Duty with your friends: communication between teammates is crucial.

When BAND released v4.0 of their app in April, which works on iOS, Android, and PC, they also implemented a new ‘Discover BAND’ feature that lets people create join or create public groups. They expected it to be hot with their 40 million worldwide users – which it was. What they didn’t expect is that the most popular market would be gaming communities.

Let’s circle that back around to what I said earlier: communication is crucial for online gamers. BAND is the perfect solution for this demographic because they don’t really ever get to see each other face to face like sports teams and clubs do.

“The recent update with the Discover feature is to allow users the freedom to use unique profiles for each of their different groups. This is perfect for gamers who communicate under different aliases and do not want to expose their personal identity to their guild members,” says Manho Won, head of US operations at BAND.

Further, according to Won, gamers from Clash of Clans, VainGlory, GTA, Call of Duty, and Order and Chaos are flocking to BAND since it has certain perks that other group communication tools don’t, like:

  • Chats with all group members, a select few, or one on one
  • Integration with IGN profile or gamer identity: there’s no need to show your personal profile photo and name
  • Game play videos and screenshots can be easily shared
  • Polling to collect group member opinions
  • Share a calendar to RSVP meetups, raids, or other planned events
  • Assign privileges to admin, coadmin, and members

Out of top 200 searchable public BANDs, 37 percent are related to gaming. If you break that down into users, based on their 40 million user mark, about 14,800,000 are using BAND for gaming. Let’s also not forget that there are still 25,200,000 out there using BAND for other purposes outside of gaming as well. Are those numbers as staggering to you as they are to me?

BAND_Collection BAND_Board

Image Credit: Flickr / hudson’s page / cropped, resized 

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