Barcamp DC 3 Recap

November 16, 2009

12:47 am

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally being able to attend my first Barcamp here in DC.  I have attended barcamp style events, mostly SocialDevCamp in Baltimore, but never the true Barcamp experience.  What I really like about Barcamp is the fact that you go and have a say in the content that will be presented during the day.  Not like other conferences where there is an agenda and you have little choice as to what is presented, you are there to listen.  Not so at the barcamp style.

The day started off with the entire group individually introducing themselves to the crowd and if they chose proposing a session that they wanted to give sometime during the day.  Once complete, the sessions were gathered together and arranged on a board for all to see and choose where they would attend.  The schedule was then posted to a shared Google doc.  See below

So at any time during the day anyone could see the full schedule.  The sessions were so varied it was great.  I started out the day at the How to Play Tetris session and was amazed at the world out there that continues to play tetris at an almost professional level as well as the philosophies that go along with the play.  From there I checked out the session on Google Wave and then left that to hit the 100 Startup ideas where small groups brainstormed problems and then posed solutions, it was a really good time.

The crowd is was attentive and interactive.  It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well.  The evening was capped with a Happy Hour at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont where the attendees from both Barcamp and She’s Geeky got together for casual beer and conversation .

If you ever get the chance to put on or attend a barcamp I highly suggest you check it out, you will not be disappointed.  Now enjoy some great pics from some of the resident photogs.


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