Boost Employee Wellness with BARR Corporate Health

June 8, 2014

12:00 pm

Have you ever wondered how to get your employees feeling happier, more motivated, and engaged at work? Maybe it’s time to focus on their overall well-being.

BARR Corporate Health provides corporate health strategies to improve employee wellness programs at companies across the country. With BARR Wellness, companies receive on-site coaching, customized wellness programs, and a variety of other services to help employers build healthy corporate cultures.

How does BARR Wellness work?

BARR Wellness creates programs built specifically for your organization’s needs. Every company that gets involved with BARR Wellness receives a custom-designed health and productivity plan to improve employees’ work experience.

BARR Wellness also provides coaches and consultants for employers who sign up for their wellness programs. Coaches and consultants make weekly visits to your company to work with the wellness committee and provide activities for employees.

In addition to boosting employee wellness, BARR also focuses on the overall well-being of your organization. From providing consulting on company health insurance to helping employees with financial management, BARR has a variety of programs that will boost the morale and productivity of your organization.

Pros of BARR Wellness

  • Boosts employee engagement.
  • Each employee can choose their level of involvement with a variety of wellness programs.
  • Coordinators and coaches make personal visits to your business.
  • Provides a variety of programs covering stress management, physical fitness, medical self-care, and more.

Cons of BARR Wellness

  • Location – BARR Corporate Health is located only in 8 cities in Southern California (although they are looking to expand nationally).

Are you ready to boost the overall well-being of your employees?

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