Barter, Sell, or Trade: Bondsy Lets You Name Your Own Price

July 6, 2013

10:00 am

Founder Diego Zambrano of Bondsy had a few interesting tidbits to share about his Brooklyn office, where he works with Josh Goldstein.

“We decorate our office with objects team members bring from home,” he explains. “Everybody has framed portraits with photos of their families and loved ones. We have a nut bar, and we prefer to work with low light – we call it sexy mode.”

In 2007, Zambrano was moving from Brazil to New York and realized it would be difficult to bring everything he owned with him. So he decided to get rid of it, and there were plenty of marketplaces available to do so.

But Zambrano wanted to give his friends first dibs on his stuff. So he took to Flickr and performed a life hack, by turning the premier photo sharing platform of the time into an auction site for his friends.

“The interesting thing was that most people did not reply by email,” says Zambrano. “My friends made offers using the Flickr platform functions. It was far from perfect, but it worked.”

His friends asked questions, made offers, and slowly his possessions began to get snatched up. Some things went for money while others were given away for free, but the majority of the items were traded for dinner or beer.

Thus, the development of Bondsy was rooted in its relevance to Zambrano and his team. Operating as a social network for friendly transactions, Bondsy features a dedicated platform for bartering, selling, or sharing goods and services with people you trust.

From within the app, users take pictures of their items, write a caption, and add pricetags. The pricing system is freeform, which means users can ask whatever they want for their item; you are not forced to pay with money. And any of your friends can repost your item for their friends to see.

But trace it back to its roots for a moment. When Zambrano was using Flickr as a pseudo-Bondsy platform, it connected him to his friends in real life. Bondsy goes far beyond sales and revolves around human connection by bridging the gap between online and offline.

They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and Bondsy certainly gives credence to that thought. We all place subjective value on certain items – like my blacklight posters that my girlfriend does not like (for whatever reason).

Instead of throwing items away, you can repurpose them via giving your friends an opportunity to make an offer. And the real fun is that you never know what you might be offered for your valuables.

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