The Basslet Is a Wearable That Helps You Feel the Music

July 14, 2016

9:46 am

Listening to music is one of the most emotional experiences in life. Whether it be an uplifting jam about making it big when the chips were down, or a downtrodden ballad about gambling all those chips on the ponies, nothing induces goosebumps more than listen to your favorite song. Unfortunately, the primary means of listening to music is through headphones and you don’t get the whole experience without being near a speaker. Until now.

As the Kickstarter campaign states, the Basslet is a wearable subwoofer you wear on your wrist. According to the creators, it vibrates to the beat of any song you are listening to, creating a sensation that makes you feel like you are at a live concert rather than wearing headphones. And while this idea may seem silly at first, the campaign has already raised almost half a million dollars with 10 days to go before it closes.


Creator Daniel Büttner got the idea for the Basslet as a bass player that wasn’t enjoying the way music sounded through headphones. Admittedly, your favorite song rarely sounds the same in a concert hall as it does on your iPhone. He knows that recreating that experience is hard, but it’s worth a shot to try when you have technology at hand.

“When you’re out at a live concert around town, you can really experience the music through how it sounds and how it feels. But then when you go home and play the same track from your speaker or headphones, it just isn’t the same. It doesn’t feel the same,” said Büttner to Digital Trends. “We don’t think we can recreate that live experience, but that’s our inspiration.”

While a lucrative Kickstarter campaign is anything but a guarantee of a successful startup, the Basslet seems to have the right idea when it comes to their product. Whether or not they are able to translate these funds into profits remains to be seen. But it certainly proves that odd tech and unique gadgets are apparently a lot more viable than traditional investors have previously thought.

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