Keep Your Battery Healthy (and Charged) with the UsBidi Charger

October 19, 2015

9:15 pm

The world is heavily going for mobile devices these days, which helps to understand why the market for smartphone and tablet accessories is booming, especially for the market niche of device charging. That boom has been mentioned here on, with coverage of some interesting charging devices and accessories like Chef Charger, MicFlip or dio.

Recently, yet another interesting charging gadget has been announced. The UsBidi Charger is announced as the “world’s smartest charger”, which automatically makes it a huge deal in terms of expectations, and its announced features include two times faster device charging, the extension of the battery’s life and the improvement of its health.

The UsBidi Charger seems like a regular USB cable but, in reality, is far from it. Built with a durable exterior and featuring a LED indicator, magnetic ends and just the right length, this is an accessory absolutely unique in the market. The end of the cable connecting to the phone has a touch-sensitive area, essential to the way the UsBidi Charger works.

This charger has two modes, SMART and FAST. The first is used to sync the device with a computer and charge it at a normal pace, while the latter is used to take advantage of the UsBidi’s full capabilities and charge the device twice as fast, using a maximum current of 2.4A.

Those modes can be changed by touching the cable’s end connecting to the phone, and they can be identified by the colors emitted by the cable’s end: blue for SMART and red for FAST. Once the device is fully charged, the light will go off and the cable will “auto-unplug” itself, thus stopping the charging process and avoiding any waste of energy.

The team behind the UsBidi Charger is launching a campaign on Kickstarter, in which they hope to raise all the money needed to start mass producing this product which, without a doubt, has everything to become a huge success in its market niche.

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