A Beautiful iPhone Game Lets Your Kids Learn How People Live Around the World

December 26, 2014

4:30 pm

With Christmas behind us and the New Year to look forward to, we’ve found ourselves in that period of reflection, self-evaluation, and worldly observance throughout which we’ll aim to gain a greater understanding of life and the world in order to improve upon ourselves in the next year. While there are certainly a lot of books, documentaries, and apps for adults to enable them to do this, there really isn’t much out there for young children. Since I’m sure that some of your kids got iPhones or iPads for Christmas, consider buying them one of the latest kids’ iPhone games from Tinybop. Called “Homes”, the beautifully designed iPhone game allows kids to homes from around the world, enabling them to empathize with kids across the globe.

This is the third app from Brooklyn, NY-based Tinybop, and much like its two previous apps, The Human Body and Plants, it aims to actively engage kids educationally through its interactive and beautiful graphics. Much more similar to a kind of storybook, Homes lets kids explore four different houses from around the world: a Brooklyn brownstone, a Guatemalan cottage, a Mongolian yurt, and a Yemeni tower house. Each of these homes are interactive – allowing kids to open closets, turn switches on and off, and even lets them explore what’s going on inside the walls of these homes (giving them a look behind the wiring and tubing). Kids can even customize the decor in some of these homes, giving them the functionality to add their photos to picture frames or mirrors places throughout each of the houses.

What’s great about Homes is that it provides kids with a more global perspective on life. Not only does it give them a behind-the-scenes look at how other cultures from around the world live, but the app can also teach young children the names of common household items in more than 50 languages. Considering our increasingly globally-integrated society, Homes is a valuable tool in a child’s early development – teaching them them more about the similarities between peoples from across the world, rather than focusing on the differences.

You can download Homes from the App Store now for $3.99.

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