BeautyNow Partners with John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell

April 16, 2015

5:00 pm

Ladies, this one’s for you. Think of a time you suddenly had an event in 2 hours and desperately needed a manicure or blowout, so you picked up the phone and called every salon on Google with no luck. Now you’re down to 1 hour and still don’t have an appointment. #TRAGIC

Well I’m happy to report those days are gone thanks to the new BeautyNow app. BeautyNow is the go-to app for ladies and gents alike across the country to book any beauty related service. It works in one of two ways: 1) It picks up your location with its GPS system and based on the treatment you’re looking for, the app pulls up everything that’s available at your requested time at locations nearest you. You can instantly book an appointment with the provided results. 2) Users can search by a specific salon name to instantly book their appointments with a specified technician. BRILLIANT right?! It gets better.

The app, started by Kathleen Jennings, is available for over 5,000 salons across the country and thanks to a new partnership with John Paul DeJoria, of the beauty giant Paul Mitchell, this number is likely to double if not triple very soon. “John Paul has incredible contacts in the beauty industry, so we are first focused on on-boarding thousands more salons that are excited to be part of BeautyNow. We are continuing to build our database of salons and spas to offer a wider range of options to our users, but that’s of course just one part of our plan.”

With such an amazing partnership achieved I was curious how Jennings connected with the beauty maven. “Honestly, I stalked John Paul DeJoria down! BeautyNow was self-funded and then bootstrapped until John Paul invested. At that point I knew I wanted a strategic investor– someone who could back BeautyNow financially, but more than that, is a brand-name in the beauty industry with tons of salon contacts. I knew I needed John Paul, so I did a status update on Facebook asking if anyone knew him to make an introduction. A mutual friend got me a phone call with him, and it went from there.”

You go girl!

Being stuck in a bind a time or two myself I’ve looked into this concept before but wasn’t impressed with preexisting apps or price points. (Why am I paying $85 for a blowout?!) With Jenning’s compeition mainly localized per city or state I really wanted to further understand how she saw herself standing out from the local guys- especially in major cities like Chicago, New York City, and LA. 

“BeautyNow is the only app of its kind that works in every major city in the U.S. BeautyNow’s back-end technology also sets it apart– BeautyNow is real-time, seamlessly integrated with the salon’s scheduling systems, so a user’s appointment is instantly confirmed. PrettyQuick (and others) use a call center to make sure the appointment requested is still available– that’s actually ADDING a step to the process! As far as mobile, on-location beauty services, our research shows they represent only a small percentage of the overall beauty services market, and may have limited success outside NYC.” I could agree with that – I am the one who didn’t book on the other guys due to cost.

Speaking of prices – one major problem right now is the cost of the services offered on the “other guys” or in general. Thankfully, BeautyNow address that offering a wide-range of salons & spas with services of any price point. “You can find a $40 blowout as well as your $85 blow outs. There are kid’s cuts for $10 and $20. And men’s for $15 or $40. We don’t turn salon’s away based on pricing and want to make sure users of all different needs can use it! BeautyNow is all about facilitating the marketplace.”

Make sure to download it & try it out today – never know when that last minute manicure need might pop up!

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