NBA Used the First Ever Beer-Carrying Virtual Reality Headset

May 6, 2016

4:00 pm

DODOcase is a company known for developing smartphone and tablet cases. However, they are also jumping on the virtual reality bandwagon, which has seen serious growth in recent months. So far, they have only experimented with VR viewers encased in cardboard, similar to the one developed by Google. But they’ve been developing something a little more intricate as of late: the SMARTvr.

However, most of their offers in VR deal with large orders in custom branding, mainly for companies and businesses. DODOcase takes pride in innovating around client needs, and “innovation” is a great word for what they did with their last VR order.

With the 2016 NBA’s playoffs in full swing, Budweiser, IMG and the Cleveland Cavaliers contacted DODOcase with the desire to introduce the fans to VR content. They wanted to make the experience fun and innovative for their millions of fans. DODOcase did their magic and, during their series against the Atlanta Hawks, fans had the opportunity to see and utilize the custom “Cleveland Cavalier P2 DODOcase smartphone VR viewers”, the first beer-carrying VR headset in the world.


DODOcase developed this VR headset to hold 2 beers – obviously not during the utilization of the headset. After getting the beers and transporting them with it, the fans can then pull the headset’s insert out, place their phone in the front of the viewer and enjoy some amazing VR basketball-related content.

This move by Budweiser, IMG and the Cleveland Cavaliers, in partnership with DODOcase, brought a new feature to the already huge “show side” of NBA. Not only did these innovative and funny VR headsets make an impression, but they also facilitated the entrance of VR itself in basketball courts, which can turn out to be an important market for the application and development of this technology.

While this may be the first instance of virtual reality tech in the NBA, the sports world has been champing at the bit to get a piece of the virtual reality pie. In fact, the NCAA utilized virtual reality technology to broadcast their Final Four weekend. Fans were treated to a court-side seat along with virtual scoreboard and stats right on their phones. If this relationship with technology is any indication, the sports world could be getting a lot more nerdy in coming years.

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