Would You Pay A $299 Subscription Fee To Access Alpha’s Dating World?

February 18, 2014

5:52 pm

Ben Way, the former reality TV star who was on Start-Ups Silicon Valley, launched his new dating app Alpha that some are calling the world’s most expensive dating app. Granted, it’s free for ladies, but guys can expect to incur a $299 subscription fee.

That $299 standard brings with it some serious user perks, though. All community members are heavily vetted, there is a concierge matchmaking service, and there are exclusive events and experiences for Alpha members.

“Alpha is a network of distinguished individuals. Men and women who demand excellence in their work and desire exceptional relationships,” reads the website. “This new dating paradigm provides opportunities to connect with others who possess the same uncompromising standards that are reflected in all facets of their lives.”

Alpha operates much like Tinder does; you are connected with people near your location and you swipe right for a like and left for a dislike. If the two of you each like each other, then you’ll be matched up and can start messaging each other right away.

However, the app also thrives on something not so fun: exclusion. Even if you can afford the cost of entrance, space is limited; only 150 men per city are allowed in and only attractive, intelligent women are considered.

Way claims that Alpha is simply 21st century chivalry redefined. However a lot of people might argue that the definition of chivalry need not be altered. And while it may not be the smartest move to exclude the majority of a customer base in a city, Way will push forward with his idea and bank on exclusivity for success.

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