How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Cloud Storage

August 30, 2014

8:00 pm

Cloud storage options are quickly emerging as one of the most popular, and efficient methods of storing important data that you simply couldn’t bear to lose. Even though the concept of cloud storage has been around for a significant period of time now, many people still do not understand what it entails. Many small businesses struggle with making the step to this alternate form of storage, as they feel unsure about whether or not it is a safe solution to keeping their data secure. They wonder whether they can depend on software that has not been locally stored in their computer to provide them with the data they need, and whether it is possible to rely on firms from other parts of the world to keep their information safe. The truth is, cloud storage provides many businesses for small, to medium sized companies.

Synchronization and Collaboration

Cloud storage allows consumers to immediately sync documents between computer systems that have been connected through the same local network. This can be particularly advantageous to small businesses, as it can reduce, or even eliminate the need for data to be physically moved from one machine to another. It can also save time regarding the amount of files that need to be sent via email.

Furthermore, many cloud storage suppliers will allow customers to modify and view data, including presentations, spreadsheets and word processing documents, through the use of an online portal. This can be a great way for geographically dispersed employees to work with each other instantaneously.

Sharing and Security

Cloud storage could actually be much safer, and more secure than the data protection that smaller or medium sized businesses can perform in-house. Throughout many smaller organizations, it is important to remember that data is at threat from software issues, computer failure, fire, and theft. On the other hand, cloud storage offers a redundancy for every level, whether machine, hard-disk or data-center based. Furthermore, files can even be encrypted for further security.

Usually, large quantities of documents, folders, and files can begin to clog up a memory system, as well as your company’s e-mail addresses. On top of this, sharing files via email can raise some security worries. However, cloud storage providers offer efficiency that allows files to be safely and effectively copied between individuals on a confidential basis.

Never offline

Whenever a small business struggles with their internet provider suddenly going awry, of if a router begins to fail, it is possible that the business could suffer various problems. From increased downtime issues, to the loss of services and data, an unpredictable connection is a worrying thing. However, cloud storage services are fantastic at maintaining service. With all the storage that you could want a cloud service will help to ensure that even if a service goes down, or you lose your online connection, you will still be able to maintain important data that has been saved away to a secure location. Some providers even cache data on a local basis in addition to internet storage, so that you can still access information when an online connection fails.

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