50 Cities Most Likely to Benefit from Smart City Infrastructure

October 20, 2017

10:50 am

Smart city technology, in so many words, sounds awesome. From self-driving cars to hi-tech infrastructure, this movement could see a whole new kind of city taking form in the coming years. Plus with companies like Facebook and Google setting up their own versions of the smart city, it’s only a matter of time before your hometown is committed to an innovative future. However, some cities are more ripe for the picking than others.

According to data from Chordant, the smart city movement has a better chance in flourishing in some cities than others. This 5-week research project leveraged public data, modeling, scoring, and data weighting to rank the top 50 cities who will benefit the most from smart city infrastructure.

“Cities continue to evaluate ways to leverage resources across departments and key city services to develop, manage, and implement scalable and cross-functional initiatives that can grow with the city as it seeks to become more sustainable, innovative, open, advanced, efficient, and service oriented,” wrote the authors of the study.

As for which cities made the top of the list, you might be surprised to know that the tech hubs weren’t anywhere near the top 5:

That’s right, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta are the top three cities most likely to benefit from this kind of updated infrastructure, with Philadelphia, Austin, San Diego, and Seattle rounding out the top seven. Notable tech hubs like New York (#8) and San Francisco (#16) were surprisingly low, most likely due to the high price tag that would come with such an overhaul.

While cities like Boston and Chicago are high on the list, this seems to be bit of a ambitious goal. Chicago, for one, has budget struggles beyond your wildest dreams, which will make a big smart city change that much more difficult. However, if you happen to live in the Windy City, hope springs eternal that we’ll be able to wait for the Red Line under chicken wire lights that are hooked up to the Internet of Things.

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