5 Benefits of the Startup of the Year Competition That Aren’t Winning

May 16, 2017

2:20 pm

Unlike bar trivia, startup competitions are about more than just winning. While the prizes, the attention, and the bragging rights are certainly beneficial to any company looking to make it big, there are more than enough benefits to taking part in a startup competition that don’t involve taking home the crown. And Tech.Co’s Startup of the Year competition at our annual conference, Innovate! and Celebrate, is the perfect example of these kinds of added bonuses.

The benefits of participating in the Startup of the Year competition are undeniable, particularly when you ask former contestants that have gone on to experience success without winning. And if you’re curious about these benefits that aren’t winning, take a look below:

Networking Opportunities

There’s no denying that startup competitions are the best place to network. Not only are you surrounded by peers with innovative ideas that could change the world, you’re also rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential entrepreneurs and investors on the scene in the form of judges, mentors, and speakers at the competition. Last year, notable minds like Jeff Clavier, Lo Toney, and Lisa Lambert were all in attendance. And trust us when we say that this year’s competition is no different.

“The opportunity to network with founders from Silicon Valley is really unparalleled,” said Garrett Moon, CEO and cofounder of CoSchedule. “There was tons of energy and excitement during the entire event and working with other founders spurred a wealth of ideation and momentum beyond.”


While the Startup of the Year competition is one of the main focuses of our annual conference, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only focus. Startup founders, employees, and attendees will be privileged to one-on-one mentor sessions with some of the most innovative minds in attendance. From tech titans to serial entrepreneurs, you’ll be able to get all the ideas you’ll ever need from these quick sessions.


Even if you don’t win, the Startup of the Year competition helps entrepreneurs get noticed, through video coverage and Tech.Co articles, all while placing you in front of notable investors throughout the conference. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to be had outside of the conference as well, as past contestants have been all too happy to share.

“The accolades and recognition were wonderful and very uplifting to the team, but the very best thing was the booth we received at CES in January,” said Paul Droege, founder and CEO of SunPort. “The fact it was free was nice but it had an amazing, high-traffic location which was awesome.”


Being an entrepreneur can be stressful, maddening, and downright unenjoyable at times. However, the Startup of the Year competition brings together like-minded individuals from across the world in an effort to spur innovation, develop startup support, and have a little fun. The conference is filled with engaging workshops and driven people that, when you take some time to relax, could help you wind down that high strung mentality that entrepreneurship has placed on you.

Startup of the Year

If you think you have what it takes to be the Startup of the Year, you need to apply today. Remember, the 100 startups that are chosen will be invited to join us in San Francisco, CA for Innovate! and Celebrate 2017, and will be on their way to startup success in no time!


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