BERG Aims to Lower Cost of Medicine with Artificial Intelligence

July 7, 2016

8:26 am

It’s no secret that the healthcare system in this country has had a few hiccups in recent years. Whether it be the long lines at emergency rooms or the expensive bills that hit you where it hurts, getting sick is one of the most costly and unpleasant experiences in the US. And with rising medication prices, the problem is only getting worse. Fortunately, one company has taken matters into their own hands by utilizing artificial intelligence to expedite the medication distribution process. And it seems to be working.

BERG Health has created the Interrogative Biology platform in order to take advantage of the under-utilized data sets available in drug trials around the country. The platform is able to take pertinent information and consolidate it into a means of speeding up the trial period to get patients the drugs they need faster and more affordably than ever.

“We use artificial intelligence to connect these disparate data sets, learn from patient biology and guide the clinical trial process to accelerate drug development by selecting the right patients to move the trial along the required steps,” said Niven Narain, CEO of Berg Health, in an interview with Tech.Co. “This combination of patient biology and artificial intelligence allows us to select the right biological target for the right patients.”

At its core, the platform aims to right a system that has been wrong for years. Not only are patients unable to get the drugs they need to fight diseases, they are also being forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money to use them. This platform will help to curb the cost by cutting down on a trial process that, frankly, could be more effective if it were ran through a typewriter and a messenger pigeon.

“The bulk of healthcare costs are associated with the carryover of an inefficient drug development process as well as the current trial and error model of prescriptive medicine,” said Narain in the same interview. “Artificial intelligence driven pharmaceuticals will be at the forefront of precision medicine and health economics. It will reduce drug development costs as well as provide prescriptive analytics to help caregivers and patients make more accurate decisions on the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.”

While many startups aim to “reach quarter goals” and “impress investors,” BERG is committed to fixing a system that is letting its patients down. People can’t afford basic medication that keeps them alive. They are traveling hundreds of miles to buy thousand dollar pills that only sometimes work. This, as the passionate CEO puts it, will not stand.

“The current healthcare system is unsustainable,” said Narain. “By engaging artificial intelligence and patient biology to develop and prescribe treatments in a truly precise medical approach, this platform will benefit patients and the system as a whole.”

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