The Best Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

February 17, 2016

12:30 pm

Building yourself (“self-improvement”) is hugely popular with people who want to become successful, and if you poll people that are “successful” most will tell you that they did it by standing on the shoulders of leadership and self improvement giants. Everyone from Jim Rohn to Napolean Hill will often be cited as pillars of thought leadership and improving your place in life by improving your self. Jim Rohn is quoted as saying “work harder on yourself than you do your job.” Whether it be your job or a tech startup where you are the founder, by improving yourself you will become a better version of you, and acquire the skills to become better at your craft.

A quote that is often circulated around the internet and inspiring memes is typically attributed to Abraham Lincoln. You know, the one about if I had 4 hours to cut down a tree I would spend the fist 2 sharpening my axe. Well according to The Quote Investigator , it is more realistically: “A woodsman was once asked, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” He answered, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my axe.

The fact about sharpening your skill set or your tools, which in business may be your writing, your speaking or your relationship skills rings true to this day. When you are consistent and continually grind day in and day out like my one of my favorite speakers and authors, Gary Vaynerchuk advocates you will win the long term game.

So enough reasons on why you should invest in self improvement. Here are my personal favorite podcasts to help you become better. Better at life and better at business.

The MFCEO Project

For my money there is no better podcast out there. I listen to this in the mornings while I workout. Sometimes listening to Andy and Vaughn gets me more pumped up than the latest Big Sean song. The passion and sheer excitement that these two guys have for life is purely contagious.  Andy in particular gets on these rabbit hole tangents, which may not make sense right away. But when you consider the higher story of what he is talking about and realize the context in which he is referring to, well then you will surely pick up not nuggets of information but boulders.

They periodically have guests on their podcasts and often Andy drowns them out and won’t let them speak, but that is what you have to expect from him as he gets so excited his mind just won’t let him stop until he communicates his point. Andy has build along with his business partner one of the most successful supplement companies to come along in the last two years and he is spitting pure fire to his podcast followers. If you are not tuned in, well then get on the train or get run over.

Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn is a super nice guy. He is authentic and when you listen to him talk he is super genuine and you know that even though he promotes products and has sponsors for the podcast, he is promoting things that he has used and believes in. He is a completely different animal than Andy, and for those who cannot stand the swearing that the MFCEO project brings, well Pat Flynn is most likely your cup of tea. This podcast is centered around guests where Pat interviews them.

Entrepreneur On Fire

This podcast is the latest pickup for me. I have heard so much buzz around EOF, that I had to tune in. Also centered around bringing guests on, Jon Lee Dumas  has been helping entrepreneurs like myself become inspired and provide frame works to take action.

If you could not tell the MFCEO had the longest piece in this article and it really is my favorite. The guests that they have on the show really resonate with me and I can’t wait for Andy’s Periscopes and Thursday Thunders as well. Most of these podcast hosts jump on each others podcasts to gain further reach to new audiences so you might just find the best one for you simply by listening to your existing favorites. I hope you take a look at these podcasts, pick which ones you resonate with the most and go out and crush it!!

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