Become a Stronger Startup Founder by Nurturing Your Soul

November 3, 2014

4:30 pm

Last week I was invited to an event where a group of female startup entrepreneurs shared their experiences as business leaders. What was so refreshing about this particular conversation was that they all spoke about the role spirituality plays in their leadership style. We constantly read about startup founders and how they manage their company, yet rarely do we hear about their soul.

I assume it’s because when people think of spirituality, we think of religion, and that tends to be personal territory. Pragmatism goes out the window.

But when we talk about the soul of the leader, it doesn’t necessarily mean going to church or Yoga class.  It’s about the synchronicity, the unseen intelligence that puts you in the right place at the right time.

In the The Soul of Leadership, Deepak Chopra, explains that successful leaders lead from their soul.

“The soul can create miracle for anyone; the limitations are in ourselves. Remove those limitations, and nothing will ever be the same,” he explains in the book.

Basically, there are no coincidences but meaningful opportunities brought on by your personal synchronicity. Thus, your experiences are not random but a constant shuffle to bring you the best result ever. It is all in the power of your mind and connection to your soul.

This may involve changing your old beliefs and expectations; it may even mean changing how you relate to those you work with. Here are some tips on how to feed your soul to become a stronger and more successful leader:

1. Accept that your life means something

Understanding Chopra’s explanation of synchronicity means becoming aware of your experiences. Intelligence exists everywhere; just think about a synchronous event (ie. you met that investor or co-founder at an event that you didn’t even want to go to) in your life and how it happened at the right moment.

“If pure chance were at work, the odds would be millions to one. It is simpler to say that the meeting was meant to be, that a guiding intelligence is working invisibly, shaping the event to serve a purpose,” says Chopra.

2. Listen to your soul

You know that gut feeling you have about something and it turns out to be right? That is pretty much listening to your soul, taking a message. Notice how when you have a feeling that (against all odds) this is the best way to deal with a problem; once you take action, all the negativity starts to slip away. The more you listen to your soul, the more likely any negative emotions leave your life.

3. Live in the present

As entrepreneurs, you can’t help but look to the future because the present is work-in-progress. Your whole business revolves around promises in the future (pitch to investors, customers, employees, etc.). Appreciate the present moment, the joys that today brings you. You have to celebrate your current achievements and look for positive signs. “If you dwell on past joys and wish for future happiness, they are not yours now,” explains Chopra.

As a leader, you are the soul of your team and company. Lead by example and nurture your soul.


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Camila has been heavily active in South Florida’s tech startup community, where she is a co-host of a local radio show called pFunkcast. Camila previously worked at Greenpeace International and the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in various communication roles. A proud Brazilian who spent most of he life in Peru, she is passionate about traveling and documentaries.

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