The Two Biggest Surprise Products of CES 2017

January 12, 2017

5:50 pm

For those that haven’t been, CES in Las Vegas is an exciting event that acts as an incredible learning experience for budding entrepreneurs. As perhaps one of the most notable displays of the technology of the future, CES is chock full of new products, innovative services, and revolutionary startups that are looking to change the world. I was fortunately enough to indulge in the festivities this year and there were a few products that stood out to me. The first was a surprise for everyone, while the second was a bit more personal.

The spectrum of interests and innovation on display at CES is truly staggering. While I was of course expecting the staples of technology to be present – healthcare, virtual reality, self-driving cars, smartphones and screens, I was not expecting to see innovation in form of hairbrushes, fridges and jeans. Here’s a couple that I found myself questioning:

Smart Hairbrush

This is a collaboration between hair product manufacturer Kerastase, French electronics company Withings, and L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Technology incubator. This smart brush analyzes its users hair through a microphone detecting the frizziness and dryness, an accelerometer to analyze brushing patterns and the dryness of your hair. The data is then sent to the users mobile app that can factor in information like the weather to provide specific brushing recommendations as well as relevant products.

Smart Tea


42Tea brews your tea perfectly for the tea variety and your specific tea taste by scanning your pallet and adapting each recipe for you. The application, and its connected cube, guides the tea-lover through each step, with recommendations for different types of teas as well as providing recommendations for both cold and hot beverages.

It will be interesting to see which products gain momentum in the long-run and which the market votes to be more of a gimmick than practically useful. Whatever the outcome, being surrounded by entrepreneurs and developers with all sorts of solutions for every aspect of our daily lives is invigorating. And that’s what CES is all about.


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Yeshaya Krispin currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer of RoadwareZ Technologies (Twitter: @RoadwareZ), a company that develops smart wearable technology products.

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