Bill Murray Sightings: From Cryptocurrency to NFL Promos

October 27, 2014

9:05 pm

Lest there ever be a week when Bill Murray is not mentioned in the news, I have a few things in the world of tech and a few random Murray appearances for you to enjoy. These links are in no way to be considered endorsements.



1. The Murraycoin Project is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency with the goal of raising money for charity and educating the population on the use and advantages of cryptocurrency. The project, according to the lead developer Brock Holzer, has Bill Murray’s “indifference” but they are working on getting him directly involved. “If there was a chance for legal conflict,” he says, “I would have never been a part of this project.” He affirmed that they will not rest until they have Bill Murray’s endorsement.


Murraycoin can be bought with Bitcoin at the cryptocurrency exchange site Cryptsy.

2. Last week, Murray appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and was happy to opine on one of the hottest apps of today, Tinder. “I think it could be amusing,” he says. Well, better than simply being indifferent.

3. Did you know that Bill Murray doesn’t have an agent? Fellow actors and comedians simply call his 800 number, and once in awhile, the message that they leave is so compelling that he calls them back to discuss the project.

4. And finally, the NFL continued its inexplicable London-based expo games yesterday which featured the Detroit Lions “at” the Atlanta Falcons. Not only does he wear a bear hat and reminisce about the Chicago Bears’ appearance in the 1985 SuperBowl, but he also makes strange bird noises and basically does all of the things that make us love him as Bill Murray.

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