The Biometrics of Tomorrow

June 26, 2017

7:15 am

In my previous post, we discovered all of the different biometric uses in the top Sci-Fi movies of all time. While movies and authors will continue to push the boundaries of what could be in the future, back in reality, there are many technological advances coming that will integrate biometrics into everyday consumer products in the coming year.

Mobile Biometrics

Not everything refers to a secure login method for restricted access areas as what we can see in movies, and certainly, marketers and software developers have been doing a terrific job in putting biometric data to the service of several industries not only for enforcing security measures but also for crafting a smoother UI experience.

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Samsung Pay and Apple Pay can be labelled as some of the most prominent, not to mention extended, applications of biometric data in the financial area, requiring iris recognition or fingerprint authentication for purchases made in the store and online payments. This politic applied by the two mobile technology giants in a short span was triggered by the latest tendencies led by hackers for stealing credit card information through potential liabilities shown by applications or the operative system itself.

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When Technology Meets Industry Applications

Video game developers and companies are slowly adapting their technology to bring the gaming experience to a new point: reducing stress. With the help of devices like heart rate monitors, games can increase their complexity level as long as your anxiety levels don’t reduce, reaching up to a point in which users cannot keep advancing unless they calm down. Among the ever-growing range of options to consider in this new industry, the indie horror game Nevermind is much appraised for helping to develop anxiety-managements skills to put into practice in real life.

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Biometrics of Tomorrow

One exciting project that has been covered by news networks these days is the now officially published patent from Apple on the development of a set of Earbuds with Biometric Sensing. By implementing biometrics Apple can take precision to a new level, although is yet to be seen how the sensors are going to integrate with the Health app and handle the natural movements of the body when walking or any other physical activity and not compromising data gathering during the process.

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Are biometric data reviews an answer to tomorrow’s technological developments to unfold? Most certainly, as product manufacturers will seek to create tailored solutions for users that constantly search for that outstanding product that makes them feel unique. Possible scenarios in which biometric readings can take a key role can be tied with the uprising of VR visors like the OculusRift, for, what could be, video games. Only time will tell how far technology can reach and the final impact on our life quality.

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