BioWallet Turns Mobile Phones Into Safe Wallets

February 15, 2011

2:01 pm

One of the most annoying issues many of us deal with on a day to day basis is usernames and passwords. Products ask people to remember information about maiden names, favorite pets, or random alphanumeric combinations that are case sensitive – all of which lead to being locked out when you can’t remember.

A Spanish startup, Mobbeel, is looking to change that by providing biometric security solutions (iris, voice and signature recognition) for mobile devices. Their current product, BioWallet Signature, is an authentication system for the Android platform that identifies you the user based on what you are instead of what you know or remember. This specific application supports handwritten signature based authentication that will help solve the problem of remembering lots of information and passwords, but also protect your private information if it is ever lost or stolen. 

According to the company, BioWallet Signature converts your mobile device into a “safe wallet” where you can store all your sensitive information (passwords, conversations, videos, pictures) or use it to access private accounts like email or banking sites – or any site for that matter. Data is stored as records and your biometric identity and each record is encrypted and never sent out of the device.

The information is encrypted with military grade security (AES 256 bits) and can only be decrypted using your handwritten signature. The encryption is even resistant to brute-force and dictionary based attacks because the internal keys used are generated with sufficient length and at random which prevents against this type of attack.

Competitors include companies such as VoiceVault and VoicePay, but these companies mainly offer voice authentication whereas BioWallet primarily focuses on mobile devices, with no connectivity needed allowing its use even if you have no cell coverage.

The product is still in beta, but you can download it by scanning the QR-code on their page from Android Market or using the download link on this page. If you are in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress this week, come see the Mobbeel team demo BioWallet Signature at Tech Cocktail Barcelona Mixer event on Wed, Feb 16th from 7 -9pm at Club 41N.


Screenshots of BioWallet interface

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