It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No Wait… It’s a Hot Dog Delivery Drone!

June 28, 2017

12:20 pm

This week, the U.S. meat producer with the hottest wheels in America unveiled the Wienerfleet. That’s right, Oscar Mayer, the brand who created the Wienermobile in the 1930s will once again make additions to their auto-meat-ive lineup with a drone, a moped, and even an RC rover. Their latest rides and tech are tied to a new road trip tour focused on a “mission to put one in every hand.”

Now you’ll be able to receive fresh hot meat, wherever you are, except maybe in the middle of the ocean or in space. How hard would it be to make a wienersub? Come on now Oscar Mayer. Even KFC now has plans to send their food to the edge of space, which unfortunately was postponed. Unhealthy food delivery mechanisms aside, the company has not yet said where the Wiener Drone or moped will be put into action; however, they are gearing up for another road trip across the nation.


Wiener Drone

What is likely to be the first unmanned hot dog delivery drone in existence, the Wiener Drone can only support one hot dog at a time, over a mile, with a maximum flight time of about 15 minutes. These are relatively standard stats for higher-end consumer drones such as DJI, so don’t go crying about your need for two.



Mopeds are no longer just for your tween neighbor or your friend that got a DUI; the Wienercycle will deliver up to eight hot dogs to people in smaller quarters.



Sure, Elon Musk may be recycling rockets and NASA may have just produced an insanely badass rover upgrade, but do either deliver hot wieners? Didn’t think so. This RC controlled wiener mobile can deliver up to six hot dogs at a time.

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