The Black Card That Gives You Back Your Social Life

July 15, 2014

6:00 pm

Millennials, once content with living vicariously through a myriad of LCD screen, are now craving the raw intimacy of an honest encounter. The wave of online interactions is gradually crashing down as people begin resurfacing from the comfort of avoiding in-person interactions. The growing restlessness of those who are ready to live and love their lives is trailblazing a new market.

People want people.

Magnises, an innovative start-up centered on spicing up your life with in-style outings, utilizes a simple yet chic black card for inclusive access to how the other half lives. Founded by a brilliantly young and tech savvy college dropout, Billy McFarland intends to create an active community in New York City, calling all up-and-comers to play as hard as they work.

The membership process is pretty basic: apply online, pass an interview, pay the annual fee of $250 and get access to New York City that only Magnises can give you. Members get a key to art shows, lectures, last minute seats to popular restaurants, cocktail parties, and hotel-room upgrades. Not to mention a hive of influential names for all those ambitious net-workers looking for a good time and a foot in the door at the contemporary west village townhouse.

Magnises has received some criticism, and with relative justification; is everyone invited? With over the phone interviews and personal questionnaires, McFarland is hoping to sift through the “NEET’s” and strike gold. “Magnises seems like a great way to get plugged into the Manhattan lifestyle,” says Zach Schleien, a Syracuse-based entrepreneur who often comes to New York City. “I always want to do something fun when I’m in town, but it’s hard to get a pulse on what’s going on when I’m not here all the time.”

With New York City as a playground, members will have a blast scavenger hunting the next big thing while making individual connections with a hotbed of diversity. And although a platform of tolerance exists, it’s hard to get passed a couple of professional New York Rangers and rappers through an online thread, let alone in a lucky mixer.

No doubt, the attraction is there, with the subscription promising vibrant and memorable experiences to those with a little more than just personal initiative. But it’s the primal need for intimacy that has spring boarded the company’s aspirations of expanding around the world.

Although there is more personal information circulating in the cloud than ever before, there isn’t enough to keep users from searching for a better imitation of the real thing. Predeceasing Magnises are other pioneer startups focusing on the “In Real Life” market such as Tinder and YPlan. These startups understand that with the influx of technology taking over our lives, more and more millennials want to meet and play in the real world, an integral factor of Magnises’ campaign.

You can anticipate some competition to balance out the intimidating community of Magnises’ elite, but there’s a thrill in launching yourself from your comfort zone and putting yourself out there. Literally.


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Josh is the Managing Director of Indurit Holdings, a consulting, investments and management company. He is passionate about helping young companies and individuals create both social and economic value. Josh is also the founder and chairman of the National Student Initiative, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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