Security Camera Blink Expands Reach to Echo, Adds Battery Power

October 7, 2016

4:30 pm

Earlier in the year we came across a home DIY security company, Blink, that was changing the way consumers were able to keep an eye on their property. We also dug into the Boston, MA-based company’s system, putting it to the test and giving it a nearly perfect score. One of the factors that set the system back was its lack of integrations, and this week the company announced one of their largest yet, an integration with Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa, the AI and system behind the increasingly popular Echo devices, will bring both voice commands and feedback to their existing system. In addition to the new integration, Blink also announced that due to a software upgrade, they have been able to further optimize the amount of power each camera consumes, increasing the battery life from one year to up to two years. This is a significant increase and puts other DIY security product owners to the test, especially as many solutions are still fully or mostly wired.

“Our goal with this latest update was to utilize our proprietary technology to take a top feature that makes Blink stand out as a great product and bring it to the next level,” said Blink CEO Peter Besen. “Two AA lithium batteries will now last over two years with typical usage while other products require a battery change or charge every few months. This quickly becomes bothersome for consumers, especially in multiple camera households.”

Beyond the increase in battery life, there are now three voice-activated commands you can use to interact with the Blink system (for those with an Echo device). With Echo, you can now arm the cameras, disarm the system using a pin, and ask what the systems current status is. One of the benefits of the integration is that the Echo device doesn’t need to be on the same network either, so you can monitor and interact with the system from elsewhere.

“We live in a world where convenience is king and simplicity wins,” said Besen. “Blink’s seamless setup and easy-to-use interface provided a catalyst for our product’s explosive growth and the addition of voice control through the Amazon Alexa platform marks the next, bold step in Blink’s progression as an industry-leading home security and monitoring system. Whether it is a parent with a handful of kids to keep track of, or someone coming home with two arms full of groceries, it is vital that our consumers receive a hassle-free home security experience.”

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