BlogFire Launches To Offer Real-Time Mobile Push Notification Of Blog Updates

June 11, 2011

11:51 pm

RSS is something that’s been near and dear to my heart since the early days of blogging, when Feedburner was still a young up and coming Chicago-startup. I covered the state of online feed readers and then eventually went on to help lead the creation of a feed reader and start page personalization suite at AOL, so needless to say, I’ve been watching the feed space for awhile. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter lead to a decline in traditional feed readers online, but this past year with the creation of such products as Flipboard and FLUD, we’ve seen a resurrection in the use of RSS. This year has really been the rise of the mobile feed reader. So, this week I was delighted to see the creation of a blog-focused mobile feed reader called BlogFire.

BlogFire is a dedicated feed reader app that offers real-time push notification for blog updates. While there are other notifier apps that offer RSS push, they are not focused on the feed reading experience. This application is geared toward the mainstream user who may not know what RSS and “feed readers” are, but still want a good blog reading experience.

With BlogFire, there is no obligation to create an account – you just download the app and start using it. But for additional customizations you might want to login and save your settings. The app makes it easy to subscribe to your favorite blogs and get notified when they publish new posts. All you need to know is the blog URL and the app fetches the associated feed and adds it to your homepage. It’s like having an app for every blog you subscribe to. When a blog posts a new story you can get a push notification about it, keeping you well informed of the latest happenings. You can also control your push notifications by setting up quiet hours for when you might not want to be disturbed. Additionally you can share articles you find interesting directly to Facebook and Twitter or save them for later via Instapaper.

Download BlogFire from iTunesBlogFire - Phrygian Labs, Inc

BlogFire was created by Phrygian Labs, Inc. It was based off of feedback received from the creation of Notifo, an RSS notification service for anything and a Y Combinator startup from the team of Chad Etzel and Paul Stamatiou. As of today the new app has already broken into the Top 10 Free News apps in The Netherlands charts and the Top 30 Free News apps in the U.S. charts. So be sure to give this free application a whirl and don’t forget to add Tech Cocktail to your BlogFire homepage. 😉

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