Blue Bite: Digital-Out-of-Home Media on Your Mobile Device

March 27, 2011

10:42 pm

With the ever-fragmenting media landscape and multiplying advertising messages and channels, marketers are now tasked with finding unique ways to deliver engaging brand content to their audience.  Enter Blue Bite, a versatile location-based mobile ad network engaging consumers based on their location and proximity to digital-out-of-home (DOOH) and traditional OOH media.  Blue Bite leverages this location-based media as a means to drive mobile engagements and ultimately allow brands to deliver rich mobile media content to consumers.

Blue Bite’s flexible platform gives brands the opportunity to engage with consumers via Wi-Fi, WAP, QR Codes, Smartphone Apps, Bluetooth, SMS and more recently NFC which will become more prevalent as new NFC enabled phones come to market.  Pending the delivery method, the consumer is provided messaging on how to opt-in to receive brand content.  The opt-in is a crucial component of the experience in order to maintain a positive brand image as well as adhering to FCC regulations.  The opt-in also supports the delivery of content to consumers most interested in receiving your brand message.  From ringtones, videos, audio mp3s, to maps, games and coupons, Blue Bite facilitates the delivery of brand awareness and ROI supporting drivers. 

Recent campaigns with spirits brands delivered over 50,000 downloads of branded content within a four month period – the weight behind that number is that these consumers raised their hand via opt-in to receive brand content on their mobile device versus a traditional media campaign which yields more impressions but a less impactful engagement (think ad in magazine versus a video on a mobile phone).  Additionally, Blue Bite has collaborated with musicians to capture the in-the-moment excitement by providing call-to-action messages throughout the concert to encourage consumers to opt-in for unique content.  Blue Bite’s music industry experience includes working with 80’s powerhouse band Def Leppard .  The integration of music, concert moments, and taking that experience home with you was supported by Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen when he commented “We struck a chord with a new generation of Def Leppard fans by delivering a multimedia experience in which they left the show wanting more.”

As with any emerging technology integration, brands need to consider the opportunity as well as the comfort level of their audience with engaging with this type of content delivery.  In order to effectively use Blue Bite’s or similar technology, evaluate how your consumers are integrating with mobile technology – is texting more in line with their natural mobile behaviors or are they a bit more curious and will be scrolling on their phone for the QR Code reader to scan a call-to-action QR Code they see?  Understanding your audience and providing strong, clear and visible calls-to-action will lead to more opt-ins and higher rates of engagement.

Stronger than many other media models, delivering rich content to a consumer’s mobile device and hitting an interest or passion point relevant to the experience and location will live long after the original download.

In disclosure, I have worked with Blue Bite on several projects.

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