Partners in Coffee: Blue Bottle and Tonx Team Up

April 8, 2014

4:16 pm

Yesterday the Los Angeles-based Tonx coffee announced that they would be joining forces with the Oakland-based coffee roasters Blue Bottle Coffee. Tonx offers fresh coffee delivered to your front doorstep via a monthly subscription, and their new partnership will help them further their mission to bring great coffee into even more kitchens.

“The move will serve a dual purpose,” reads Blue Bottle Coffee’s blog post. “It will expedite our plans for a retail presence in Los Angeles this year – we’ve already signed two leases down there. It will also improve our digital experience by providing an in-house software team specializing in e-commerce and focused on creating the best digital experience in coffee.”

Blue Bottle also offers Tonx a more established company that still maintains a startup culture, continues to evolve, and is dedicated to improving peoples’ experience of coffee. Additionally, Blue Bottle has resources that Tonx is years away from getting.

Specifically, one thing that Tonx lacked was a dedicated production facility that would allow continual growth and improvement. To get to that level, Tonx needed either a lot of venture capital or a partner that shared their values and ambitions: Blue Bottle came through as a partner.

As Tonx begins their work with Blue Bottle, they’ll be able to expand their production schedule, explore more variety, and offer more coffee options for their customers. Further, Tonx is hoping to sunset the Tonx brand and unveil a new experience closer to their original ambitions under the Blue Bottle name.

“As our customers have grown from the dozens to the thousands, we still feel a strong sense that everyone who gets our coffee is part of a big family and that sharing in their coffee rituals is a great privilege,” says Tony ‘Tonx’ Konecny.


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