Blue Jean Umbrella, Protection from Rain and Sun

May 25, 2015

6:00 pm

Despite the fact that, currently, our world is evolving at an amazing rate, with new discoveries and inventions being made every day, there are some objects we use on a very regular basis that have not evolved that much throughout the years. Those are objects that we are so used to that we do not even notice their flaws or, if we do, there is not much will to change them.

Umbrellas are a perfect example of this. Reportedly existing several centuries BC, even though mostly in the form of parasol, they have not evolved that much more than two millennia after: in spite of small modifications, its overall shape, purpose and way of functioning have suffered little to no variation – with a few exceptions (check here, here, and here).

Still, sometimes true innovation stand within the smaller things, and there is no need for a big revolution to make something that stands out. This is exactly the case of Blue Jean Umbrella, a project that is now taking off on Kickstarter and has, with two weeks to go on the campaign, already surpassed the initial goal of $15,000.

Developed by San Francisco Umbrella Company (SFUC), the Blue Jean Umbrella is a premium-quality umbrella that protects users from the rain, as one might expect, but also from the sunlight. Regular umbrellas, made with nylon, are ineffective when it comes to protecting people from the sun rays, as nylon degrades under sunlight. Also, traditional parasols are not that much practical to use everyday.

With this in mind, and after three years of research, Marc Brown of the SFUC has created the Blue Jean Umbrella, a modern parasol that protects from the sun and repels the rain. To do so, it uses Sunbrella fabric, which has the highest possible UPF rating of 50+, blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays, and is endorsed by the American Cancer Society.

While being water repellent, the Blue Jean Umbrella is not coated or laminated, making it breathable and providing a cooler shade, 10º cooler than the surrounding temperature. It is also sturdy and compacts without losing its structural integrity, making it perfect to use on the go, especially for its relatively small length, 24.5 inches.

Be sure to take a ride to the project’s Kickstarter page and do not miss on the opportunity of getting a Blue Jean Umbrella while the campaign is still going – it can be obtained by $84 at the moment, nearly 40% less the expected retail price ($139).


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