The Bluesmart Bag Is the iPhone of Luggage

June 16, 2016

1:30 pm

Traveling around the world can get pretty tiresome. Between security lines, airplane food, and nosy flight attendants, there isn’t a lot of time to enjoy the smaller things in life. Particularly when your favorite devices keep running out of battery life.Fortunately, luggage has found its way into the new millennium with Bluesmart. And people are chomping at the bit to tech-up their travel experiences.

While you might be thinking that a technologically advanced roller bag might not seem necessary, wait until you hear about all the features. It has a built-in scale to weigh your belongings before you head to the airport. It has TSA-approved digital locks that keep your possessions safe no matter what. It has a proximity alerts that guarantee you will never leave it behind. It has a three-layer polycarbonate exterior that will prevent anything from ruining your travel plans.

“We spent over a year researching the needs of travelers, and another year meticulously building our first suitcase,” said Diego Saez Gil, co-founder and CEO of Bluesmart in an interview with Tech.Co. “We’ve assembled a world-class team with collective lifetimes of experience in consumer goods, embedded systems and software development.”

In addition to all that, perhaps most importantly, Bluesmart can charge your USB compatible devices. With an embedded port inside one of the many pockets and an exterior port that makes charging easy, you can enjoy essentially endless battery life in smartphones, music players, portable speakers and anything you can think of with a USB cable.

Yes, all the bells and whistles are great. But a piece of luggage that can charge your many devices is a total game-changer – and, honestly, that’s enough to warrant the $399 price tag. And it’s not a wimpy charger either. While it may take a few hours to fully charge, Bluesmart can charge your smartphone to completion… six times!

“We created Bluesmart to empower all travelers by helping them stay connected and worry-free in a tech-savvy and design-forward way,” said Gill.

With two products under their belt and more than enough positive reviews, Bluesmart is sitting pretty in their revolutionized luggage bubble. Dubbed the best new product by the likes of the BBC, Forbes, FastCompany and many more, this product could change the way people travel forever. And as someone that has had their smartphone run out of battery on the runway more than once, I can’t wait.

Photo: Flickr / Maurizio Pesce

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