BlueSmart One Is the Practical Hi-Tech Bag You Need to Travel [Review]

August 12, 2016

4:00 pm

In recent years, every product on the market has become “smart,” meaning of course that it’s connected through your smartphone and possesses a wide range of digital features. Whether it’s your grill, your bed, or your desk chair, the world of technological advancement has got its hand on the pulse of consumer products. And while you might be wary to give some of them a try, luggage is one area that needs an upgrade. And, fortunately for you, BlueSmart has got it covered.

BlueSmart One is a medium sized roller bag that is sleek, stylish, and equipped with enough features to put your iPhone to shame. In fact, it was so helpful, I began referring to it as Roll2D2, because it’s blue, it’s smart, and when you zip it up, it kind of sounds like everyone’s favorite droid expressing distaste with a particularly dangerous situation.

I was lucky enough to take Roll2D2 on a lengthy trip from Chicago to Seattle. Take a look at our journey below (along with a few specs) and read about the features that make BlueSmart One so revolutionary.

Features and Specs

BlueSmart is the Swiss army knife of technologically-advanced luggage. It has more features than you can shake a stick at and some of them are even practical for your travel needs. First off, everything is connected through a free smartphone app. It is well-designed, simple to use, and keeps all the features in a single screen to avoid a lot of clicking around while in line for security.

The first notable feature is the digital lock. While it might not be entirely necessary to keep people out of your bag, this lock will keep everything safe regardless. The simple electric plug-like lock latches into place in an easy way that still lets you sit on your bag to close it when you’ve packed too much stuff. The second notable feature is the digital scale. Through technology I don’t understand, your smartphone can weigh your bag by simply lifting it off the ground for a few seconds. And while the carry-on size hardly requires checking, you’ll be able to make sure it’s under the limit before you end up at the checkout desk.

Now, enough of the notable features. Let’s look at the features that make traveling easier by a lot. First off all, the bag comes with a GPS tracker that not only tells you where it is, but can also alert you when your smartphone is too far away from the bag. No more leaving your luggage at Starbucks on the way to the airport!

Perhaps most importantly, this roller bag can charge your many devices. Feel free to read that again to get your bearings. BlueSmart One comes with a USB port and a battery that can charge your smartphone six times on a single charge. While the speed of the charge leaves something to be desired, the fact that you can carry-on a portable battery to charge your smartphone is a revolution in luggage technology that has been a long time coming.

Design and Functionality

The features of the bag make it newsworthy. Obviously any luggage that can charge a smartphone should be making the front page. But the best part about this bag wasn’t the smart features. It was the well-designed interior and the impossibly smooth wheels that made carrying and rolling it through security lines and train turnstiles easier than anything I’ve ever experienced.

While I wasn’t able to pack everything my girlfriend and I needed for the seven day trip (which no one should be expecting from a carry-on bag), it was able to house a staggeringly large amount of clothing and toiletries. And because of the section-filled interior, none of my t-shirts ended up with toothpaste stains, the bane of any regular traveler. And even with all the stuff in it, BlueSmart One still felt light as a feather.

Pros & Cons

  • Stylish design
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Endless features
  • Slow charging

Recommended to Buy

While the $450 price tag is pretty high for luggage, BlueSmart One is the kind of high quality bag that is going to last a long time. And when you compare other non-smart bags of the same quality, they still hover in the multiple hundreds area. So if you travel more than once a year and have multiple devices that require constant charging, BlueSmart One is a no-brainer. Even for those sparse travelers, this bag could change the way you travel around the world. Plus, I haven’t trademarked the “Roll2D2” name so you guys can use it too! 4.8/5 

Where to buy: BlueSmart

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