BodyCap’s Sensors Can Track Patients’ Physiological Variables at Home

January 30, 2014

2:15 pm

The need for healthcare professionals to track patients’ physiological and ambulatory condition parameters outside of a hospital setting is increasing. This need is partially due to a growing aging population, increasing numbers of patients suffering from chronic illnesses, economic instability, and the desire for patients to have more control over their healthcare.

BodyCap has developed miniaturized sensors to capture and wirelessly communicate physiological parameters values with accuracy and integrity. The technology enables professionals to continually monitor patients for diagnostic purposes and monitor or clinical trials, both within medical or home care structures. The aim is to improve patient comfort and to optimize available data for the medical staff.

The original concept for BodyCap materialized in 2006 during a meeting between NXP‘s, R&D team, Caen Hospital University physicians, and the Caen Basse Normandie University Inserm lab team for Human Physiology research. The company was founded in 2011.

BodyCap’s sensors can be utilized for a variety of applications. In the medical field, they can be used for diagnostics, preoperative and postoperative monitoring, and the monitoring of the elderly or others with compromised health. Researchers can also use the sensors to further understand physical activity, circadian rhythms, and animal behavior. There’s also the potential for usage in ergonomic and sports applications. And I’m sure further uses for these sensors will be discovered.

We recently covered BodyCap as one of 15 Startups to Watch at International CES 2014.

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