Request Messaging App Bomb’d Hits the US

April 6, 2016

4:41 pm

Today’s most used messaging and social media apps, such as Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook are huge and most of our friends are in them – which is perfect when we want to communicate and see what they are doing. Sometimes, though, we’re bombarded with content from them that we don’t necessarily want.

But what if that could be different? Bomb’d is an app that had an astounding success since it was launched in Australia last November, and it’s now hitting the US market. It’s the first of its kind, with a creative new messaging platform that focuses on one of the latest big things: request-based apps.

Available for iOS and Android, Bomb’d works on the notion that request for content (pics, video, services or products)  – something thpat will likely be the future for social messaging. It feeds on unedited, unfiltered, real-time photographs – content generated in a purely reactionary manner, being created and shared with specific users only if and after they request it.

While the concept may seem hard to understand at first, Bomb’d actually works in a very simplistic manner: users can add friends and send them “Bombs. Recipients get a notification saying they have been Bomb’d and are given a three hour activation deadline.

If the recipient decides to activate the request, the camera on their smartphone automatically turns on and a seven-second countdown begins, after which the camera captures an image and blasts it back to the original Bomber. All this happens within the app, that is fairly intuitive and straightforward, and presents nice and clean aesthetics.

A representative from the company had his saying on Bomb’d and the general “request based” trend:

“Many people are not consciously aware of this quite yet, but when you look at trending behavior on social media and the growing migration towards more intimate platforms and ‘real’ online experiences, it screams out for something like Bomb’d. People are getting sick of all the super-edited, scripted, disingenuous content clogging their feeds. Bomb’d quite literally gives you exactly the content you want to see, and social media as a whole is more than ready to move in this direction. At Bomb’d, we do not give a shit about how you look, we care about what you’re doing, right now.”

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