BoomWriter Offers Creative Writing Publications For Students

January 10, 2013

1:23 pm

Chris Twyman and Ken Haynes, the founding team of BoomWriter Media, have successfully developed an opportunity for students to get published and work on their writing skills. The team created as an easy-to-use literacy website where students can collaborate with classmates to create and publish stories in a competitive environment while constantly improving their writing technique.

The gig is pretty simple. After a teacher or school decides to sign up for, a professionally published author provides the teacher with the beginning of a story. The teacher, in turn, invites students to write their own personal endings for the supplied story. Through, the students then vote on their favorite pieces, but they are not allowed to vote for themselves. Whichever piece gets the most votes is added as the official ending to the story and then published.

The possibilities for practical application are huge, and Twyman and Haynes have definitely recognized that.

“ can serve as an incredibly helpful tool for any balanced literacy program,” the two say. “Teachers already using the program instantly recognize the heightened levels of investment and engagement demonstrated by their students.”

Haynes’s ten years in public schooling, as a teacher, also help to integrate into the classroom seamlessly. “Although in some schools technology has become part of the educational process, too often it is separate and not integrated into the learning experience. Experts agree that technology, when integrated into the curriculum, revolutionizes the learning process,” says Haynes. Through, the team has defeated the separation of technology and the educational process, and the results lay in the students’ work.

Since is free for schools and teachers, it has spread to hundreds of schools and eleven different countries. A champion of creative writing, offers any young student who is interested in creative writing an opportunity to get started early with a professional publication. Those involved in the writing world know the true value of a publication, and when BoomWriter Media combines that with in-class application it becomes indispensable. A new generation of top creative writers might someday remember their start on

BoomWriter was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Boston mixer.

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