Boost Conversion Rates: 10 Content Marketing Strategies

January 25, 2015

6:00 pm

‘Do your work and do not think about the result’- This line does not work anymore in today’s world. One of the main reasons that low budget films do not become box office hits is because of the lack of promotion. Whether it is a movie or your company, you need to follow strict and fruitful marketing strategies to climb the stairs and reach the top.

Important tips for effective content marketing

Content is extremely powerful when it comes to marketing your business. If your business is facing low conversion rates, implement content marketing strategies and see the huge difference for yourself. Here are 10 tips for the content marketing strategies.

1. Try to be natural– Trying to be something you are not will never prove much benefit to you. Share content that is relatable. For example, consider casual dress and manner of speaking when creating video content to share with your audience.

2. See to the end when you plan– You should always know the aim of your content. A ship without radar never reaches its destination. So, if you know the aim of your content you would know which audience to target. Clearly explain the purpose if you are hiring copywriters to create your content.

3. Create commanding calls to action– It is important that you have a very clear call to action so that your purpose is fulfilled. Lines like ‘visit my website’ have more effect than ‘you can visit our website’. Do not fear commanding your call to action strategies in guiding your audience to their next step. People are in fact attracted to leadership qualities.

4. Maintain a consistent formula– Whether it is for the content in your website or the videos in it, you should follow a certain formula. This generally includes a brief introduction followed by the purpose of the content. The next step should tell about the problem along with its solution and then the action to be taken.

5. Make it simple– No one likes to read long posts full of how your company was set up and what your problem is. Even long videos are not effective. People would rather see 5 videos that are 2 minutes long over 1 video that’s 10 minutes long. Same is the case with pages. Thus, try to sum up your major points which should be bold and highlighted.

6. Make it attractive– A boring black and white page will not attract new visitors. To make other people visit your company website, you will have to make your page very attractive. Not only should it be colorful but also full of photos and videos.

7. Use social media– Social media has the power to make or break your company’s name. Use it to the maximum by sharing posts.

8. Share informal content too– Other than posting only about your company, if you share some interesting stories from your industry, you will attract people to view your website. This may include some interesting facts about the company or the inside stories such as how a product is manufactured. These things attract people.

9. Keep it slow and steady– If you post a lot of blog posts every day, people will start losing interest in your company. Keep it steady as content marketing is a long-term strategy.

10. Ask for it– Don’t hold back in asking your audience to share your content when they find it valuable.


Content marketing is an art, but simultaneously, it is also a source to earn potential revenue and create a sustainable platform for your business or service. So manage things accordingly.

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