BoostVC’s Beloola Brings Virtual Reality to Your Browser

September 8, 2015

5:00 pm

Celebrities performing for invited fans inside a virtual reality stadium. Brands sharing social media updates with their followers within a virtual reality environment. Friends exchanging YouTube videos and Spotify clips via a virtual reality interface. This is our digital future, and it is happening now thanks to Beloola.

Currently participating in BoostVC’s accelerator program, France’s Beloola brings virtual reality to the web browser (mobile coming soon). Using WebGL technology, Beloola lets users create their own virtual reality environments where they can share anything from social media updates to text messages (voice chat in development). Post YouTube videos, Instagram selfies, or Facebook updates. Spotlight tweets or share the latest hot playlist from Spotify. Build a virtual conference room or arena and converse with other VR enthusiasts in real-time, all with or without the use of a virtual reality interface like Oculus Rift or Google’s Cardboard. No software to download. No plugins to install. No gaming console needed. Step into virtual reality and engage with audiences without ever leaving the browser.

From brands engaging with fans to friends and family connecting across the globe, the potential of Beloola is huge. Without the need for expensive (and let’s admit it, geeky) virtual reality headsets (although you can use one), anyone can immerse themselves in a virtual reality environment. Build an alternate universe game. Create a Game of Thrones-inspired environment for you and your friends. Take role playing to the next level, regardless of what type of role playing you’re into. If you can imagine it, you can create it with Beloola. No matter what your passion is, you can share it with others in real-time 3D virtual reality.

Beloola adds an additional social layer to virtual reality by allowing users to comment on, repost, or ‘like’ content posted within their 3D environments. Synchronized video streaming is also on the development roadmap (imagine sharing a Periscope broadcast in virtual reality!). Conducting a question and answer session within Beloola could take your AMA to an entirely new level. Artists releasing their latest single, sports teams announcing their latest signing, industry thought leaders holding virtual conferences; thanks to Beloola’s intuitive 3D environment builder tool, if you can imagine it, you can build it.

Having already raised €1.5 million in France, the Beloola team is now focusing on expanding their international user base. Beloola will soon be incorporated in the U.S.A. and already has over 92K users in 113 countries. As audiences continue to realize the potential of a browser-based virtual reality interface, expect this user base to grow substantially.

While participating in BoostVC’s Bitcoin/Virtual Reality accelerator, the team is continuing to iterate on their VR UI/UX, developing a dedicated responsive mobile UI/UX and app, which should be available by the end of this year. As users discover the potential of layering a social, 3D interactive experience atop their Internet usage, the growth opportunities for Beloola become evident. Once HMD devices start reaching mainstream audiences in 2016, the virtual reality sector will explode. Beloola is poised to be at the forefront of this market explosion, having already grown their mainstream user base and familiarized their audience with the potential of virtual reality.

Build your own virtual reality environment by signing up at Whether you’re looking for an innovative way to take your marketing to the next level or a quirky way to interact with your friends, you’ll find a virtual reality future waiting for you within your browser.

Images Courtesy of Beloola


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