Who are the Challenge Cup Boston’s Hottest Showcasing Startups? [POLL]

December 17, 2013

8:00 am

In case you missed it, Tech Cocktail has proudly partnered with 1776, the Washington, DC-based startup incubator, to bring you the Challenge Cup – a global competition to identify the hottest startups in education, energy, health, and smart cities.

On December 11th, Challenge Cup will bring the excitement to Boston, where dozens of startups will battle for the four regional winners’ spots within their respective category.

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The winners from each of the 16 events (8 international, 8 within the US) will move onto the final round and with it, the chance to win the $150,00 grand prize.

But we want to know what YOU think!  Weigh in and let us know which of these startups from the event is the hottest by voting in the poll at the bottom of this post!  The winner of the Reader’s Choice Polls from each group will be announced on tech.co on Tuesday, December 24th.

Who is The Challenge Cup Boston’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?

(Polls listed at the bottom of this post)


Angel Ed – Angel Ed connects students of all ages and majors with crowd-funded scholarships, and mentors through workshops on fiscal literacy, career readiness and college readiness to ensure higher-ed is as debt-free and employable as possible. They also connect scholarships and companies with a data driven talent pipeline that allows for easier creation and disperse of scholarships.

QuadWrangle – Mobile, social platform connecting alumni and schools. Alumni benefit from dynamic career advancement tool and powerful events; schools gain robust insights into alumni and donations from organic, passive campaigns.

Teaching is Power – Social network completely focused on teacher innovation, research, and advocacy. Teaching is power will offer all of the standard social network features and web tools for teachers within a network of classroom websites and school district intranets as well as include forums dedicated to developments in education research and policy.

HourlyNerd – An online marketplace that connects MBAs from the top 20 business schools with small and medium-sized businesses. The platform connects alumni of premier firms (McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, etc) with businesses looking for a flexible, cost-efficient way to address business challenges.


Energy Harvesters – Off-the-grid device integrated into footwear that charges portable electronic batteries as you walk or directly powers applications such as footwear heaters and GPS locators.

Dynamo – Dynamo is commercializing a modular, scalable 1-75kW gas-turbine-driven electric power generator.  The product will provide reliable electric power in regions where it is difficult to obtain good quality fuel, such as much of Nigeria and other African nations.

ecoVent Systems – ecoVent makes wireless vents that open and close automatically to redirect airflow. They are controlled based on inputs from wireless sensors that sense temperature, motion and humidity. With ecoVent, every room in the home becomes comfortable and there’s no need to heat or cool empty rooms. In addition to unparalleled comfort, the system makes your home more efficient, saving on utility and heating bills, and pays for itself in three years.

EnMojo – Enmojo is an online marketplace that allows homeowners to comparison shop for home energy equipment and find the best deal.


Verbal Applications – Patient engagement software that collects and analyzes interactions between caregivers and patients through cloud computing. This allows Verbal Applications to track metrics around meaningful use, patient engagement, and care quality. Doctors and nurses can create custom solutions for patients depending on their needs and easily edit button images or record audio for their patients.

Maxwell Health – Service platform for businesses that simplifies benefits, reduces costs, and improves employee health via personal concierge service and eliminating the headache of confusing paperwork that comes with insurance and care.

TalkSession – Online network of leading mental health professionals.  TalkSession is building advanced web-based and mobile tools to make mental healthcare universally affordable, acceptable and accessible for everyone.

Smart Cities

PeopleHedge – Web-based financial services company that will create a level playing field for small businesses by through real-time access to currency risk management products traditionally only used by large corps.

Deliverish – A peer-to-peer local delivery service. Deliverish helps people in urban areas get anything they need – anytime, and anywhere.

Silverside detectors – A neutron detector that has identical performance to traditional Helium-­3 portal monitors and proposed replacements, but is $5k in manufacturing costs compared to $50k or more for current technologies. Built from the ground up to take advantage of advances in the lithium battery and double­-paned window industry, the price point enables a paradigm shift in the amount of world­wide detection coverage by revolutionizing how the detectors are serviced and deployed.

QPO – Patented tooling and training for law enforcement to quickly and safely put an end to pursuits and halt fleeing criminals. To strongly decrease the officer fatality rate involved, this simple installation and training will replace spike strip deployment and save many lives of officers and civilians with a minimum of damage to the fleet.

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