Are Bots Good for Business?

April 27, 2016

6:00 pm

One of the latest trends in technology have come from the emergence of bots. From Facebook to Google and Amazon, projected bot projects are beginning to line up the market. But as much as the tech community is excited for the emergence of bots, are they really good for business?

Bots have really become popular within the market over the last few months, with the emergence of Facebook’s “chatbots” and subsequent competitors in the bot market. These chatbots allow for ease of daily tasks, providing “text-based services which let users complete tasks such as checking news, organizing meetings, ordering food or booking a flight by sending short messages”. Though they rely mostly on artificial intelligence, they could also depend on human interface – possibly lessening the fear that bots signal the end of the job market.

The Economist explores this idea, writing:

“The timing looks right, because smartphone software is in flux. Download numbers are still growing, but the app economy is clearly maturing. ‘The dream of the independent developer building a business in the app store is over,’ suggests Activate, a consultancy. The 20 most successful developers grab nearly half of all revenues on Apple’s app store. Building apps and promoting them is getting more costly. Meanwhile, users’ enthusiasm is waning, as they find downloading apps and navigating between them a hassle. A quarter of all downloaded apps are abandoned after a single use.”

Essentially, it’s important to recognize emerging tech trends but also acknowledging that time and effort needs to be taken to see how these trends can be adapted to business practices. While bots are an exciting new frontier for the tech industry to emerge with, it’s also good to examine whether the trends can be profitable, especially for businesses with a very niche focus. It’s going to take time to find the right footing between emerging trends and business practices.

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Cameron is an editorial fellow at Tech.Co. Send your tips to [email protected] or tweet @BlkGirlManifest.

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