Getting Your Brand on Snapchat Isn’t Hard, So Why Aren’t You?

June 23, 2016

8:00 pm

Across the board, brands in most industries have adopted Instagram. A study done by eMarketer and L2 Think Tank shows that in most areas over 90 percent of brands worldwide are using Instagram.  However, a much smaller percentage of those same brands are utilizing Snapchat (as of Q1 2016).

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There are a few reasons why brands may be hesitant to jump on board with Snapchat.

The biggest reason is that they don’t understand the platform itself or how to work it into their campaign strategy. Instagram is much older and more well-known. Brands have had more time to analyze it, and they have seen competitors succeed with it, so it is easier to justify working it into their budgets.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.50.34 PMAnother more interesting reason brands may not be getting on Snapchat just yet is because they think it’s too cumbersome and time consuming to create content for Snapchat.

Looking at the data on posting frequency for Instagram vs Snapchat reveals a huge gap in the number of weekly posts.

Brands are posting on Snapchat three times more frequently than on Instagram. If you aren’t very familiar with how Snapchat stories work you may be confused by the difference in posting numbers.

For Those Unfamiliar with Snapchat

On Snapchat a post (or snap) can only last up to 10 seconds. Since it is difficult to communicate a complete thought or message in that amount of time, you must add more snaps as additional content to your Snapchat Story.

A Story is a collection of cohesive snaps typically all posted at the same time, or in the same day, that form a single idea. When followers watch all of the snaps together, they blend to tell a story.

When taking into account that many brands may be creating stories out of a series of posts, it puts the statistics into perspective. It may be more realistic to compare the number of posts on Instagram to the number of “Stories” created on Snapchat, not just snaps.

9 Million Reasons Why Snapchat Isn’t Too Cumbersome  

Some brands think having their own Snapchat channel is cumbersome and cost prohibitive, because they must hire a large staff, or a specialist, to keep up with the number of posts necessary to create consistent content on Snapchat. In reality, creating a unique Snapchat “story” isn’t much more work than creating a unique Instagram post with a custom photo and caption.

There are brands, like Cadbury, who see value in reaching Snapchat’s young, highly engaged audience, and are willing to pay for it. These brands often choose the easy route by marketing directly through Snapchat advertising instead of creating their own channel. These brands end up spending a large portion of their entire digital budget on their lens campaign on Snapchat, which have been reported to cost up to $700k for one day.

Whereas Digiday reports that Cadbury did get 9 million views from their lens promotion, it might have been more cost effective and just as easy to have directed some of that budget into creating their own Snapchat chanel.

By promoting on already existing channels like Facebook or Instagram Cadbury could have spent their dollars to promote the channel and build a loyal following of real brand fans that they could communicate to any time they want, creating long term value.

The value of that Snapchat account would be perpetual, as it could continually be utilized for content promoting new or existing products and marketing campaigns.

Before you say, “wow, that sounds cumbersome”. Let me ask you what being able to communicate daily with millions of brand fans and activating those fans through authentic word of mouth campaigns is worth.

I would recommend getting your brand started with its very own Snapchat account as soon as possible.

And, if you ever do a high budget campaign with Snapchat, like Lenses, it would be a good idea to first have a Snapchat channel for fans to follow to maximize your return.

*To learn more about how much content you should post on Snapchat, take a look at my other post, “How to get your brand started with Snapchat”.

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