Brandisty: How Tiny Factory Came Upon Brand-Asset Management

July 1, 2013

5:25 pm

Why is this in #3A5FCD, when it should be in #436EEE? Can we make this 400px by 200px? Now, what if we cross-multiply this, take its derivative, package it under LoGo_finalversion27461a.2, and take it to The Cheesecake Factory to hide underneath the strawberry cheesecake? Managing your brand can be tedious; Brandisty aims to reduce the stresses associated with brand-asset management.

Brandisty provides a simple, cloud-based alternative for managing the storage and access of brand-related assets (vector-based logos, color palettes in RGB/CMYK/hex formats, fonts, etc.). Tiny Factory, the design and development agency responsible for Brandisty, came up with the idea by experiencing brand-asset management problems firsthand.

Whether it was developing software products or designing brands for clients, Tiny Factory kept running into the same brand management issues when finalizing a project.

“We would build a product for [a client] – get everything ready, in terms of engineering and design – but [the client] would take forever providing the right branding files,” says Alexander Rolek, principal at Tiny Factory.

Brand assets are frequently transferred and stored in various locations (FTP and web servers, Cloud-based services like Dropbox, or emails), which inevitably leads to file inconsistency and misplacement. When it came to building a product for a client, Tiny Factory could build the actual application fairly quickly, but it often resulted in the client sending wrong brand assets and prolonging the finalization of the product by hours or even weeks. Similarly, when the company designed brands for clients, the files would get lost on the client side, and they would re-request the files from Tiny Factory three to four weeks later.

The company saw an opportunity to solve its own issues with brand assets, as well as help others undoubtedly facing them. Hence, the idea behind Brandisty. Tiny Factory presented a prototype of Brandisty earlier this month at Valio Con, where it saw overwhelming approval (with half of the attendants signing up for the beta release). They were also recently featured at Tech Cocktail’s San Diego Showcase and won the Reader’s Choice poll.

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