Brass Monkey, That Funky Gaming App

March 10, 2012

11:30 am

What if you could take your gaming console everywhere you went, using technology you already have?  Boston-based startup Brass Monkey can turn your smartphone into a mobile gaming console for a fun, accessible gaming experience.  With Brass Monkey, your phone becomes a motion-sensitive controller, and your browser becomes a console. 

Having recently secured $750K in funding and attracting developers with a rev sharing model, Brass Monkey has come a long way since its founding in 2010.

According to CEO Chris Allen, successful goal setting permeates every aspect of a company’s operations.

One of key things I’ve found with building a video game company is it that it helps to focus on an ultimate goal. Try not to get too distracted by other things. In our case our goal is to create fun, easy and inspiring experiences. This carries over from the entire company culture, to how we deal with game developers that build for our platform and the experience that people have when playing games on our system. So with that in mind I’m constantly checking that we are staying on track and creating fun.

As of this writing, gamers can choose from nine games including beach ball evading Monkey Dodgeball, boat racing Rival Racers, and zombie shooting Contamination.  Simply load up on your computer, launch the app on your iPhone and you’re all set to play games.  Brass Monkey supports multiple phones connected to the same screen, so you can play multiplayer games with your friends.  And it works over a Wifi network and is optimized for speed so the controls are extremely responsive.

Brass Monkey is developer-friendly, too.  The company provides a free SDK (software development kit) so developers can create games with similar features to those played on XBox, PS3, Wii and others.  Developers can whip up their own games using familiar web based tools such as HTML5, Unity and Flash.

Be sure to stop by and visit the Brass Monkey team at Tech Cocktail’s SXSW #StartupLife Celebration.

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Meg Rayford is a communications consultant based in Northern Virginia. She previously spent two years as the Director of Public Relations for a nonprofit startup, where she learned a lot about providing clean water for impoverished countries, even within the confines of a bootstrapped startup.

She is the editor of Tech Cocktail, and she develops media strategies for companies in Washington, DC and Virginia. You can read her most recent work in the marketing chapter of the upcoming book, “Social Innovation and Impact in Nonprofit Leadership,” which will be published in Spring 2014 by Springer Publishing. Follow her @megkrayford.

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