Turn Your Resume into an Infographic with Facebook App Brazen.me

October 14, 2011

3:30 pm

Brazen Careerist is a career-management site for Gen-Y professionals – a feisty, tech savvy group that is the fastest growing segment of the working population.  For Gen-Y’s, the line between work and life is more blurred than for baby boomers – likely their parents – or for Gen-Xers – likely their bosses.  Gen-Y’s want to spend time in meaningful ways, no matter where they are.

Appropriately enough, one can find Brazen Careerist nestled on the cutting edge in job search tools for young professionals who want their search to be anything but traditional.  Traditional means tired and boring to Generation-Y, professionals searching for significance, variety and flexibility.  They don’t want to write black text about themselves on a white page; rather, they’d prefer to illustrate a visually impressive story about what they can do and how they operate.

Enter Brazen.me, a Facebook application rolled out last month that helps young professionals visualize their career, their professional strengths and goals.  Brazen.me mashes your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles to give you an infographic resume, a personal work of art and expression of one’s professional skills, the creation of which isn’t taken lightly by graphic designers, and can be overwhelming to jobseekers.

I thought “Ugh” when I saw this.  However Brazen.me makes this professional presentation more simple and intuitive. “The Brazen.me Facebook app allows young professionals to present themselves in a unique way to employers,” says Brazen Careerist COO Ryan Healy.  The infographic career portfolio shows you not only your career strengths and areas for improvement, but also helps you track your networking by offering badges for connecting to other professionals.

Similar infographic resume creation can be found at Vizualize.me, a Toronto based start-up that officially launched late September 2011.  Vizualize.me scrapes your positions, education, interests and skills from your LinkedIn profile and then attributes weights by the level of expertise you’ve attained.  These weights are then used to create a visual representation of your professional experience to date.

Brazen.me and other tools will help visually represent your skills, passions and creativity.  A refreshing burst of energy for HR departments sifting through mounds of white paper and black text I’m sure!

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