Brighten Up Your Home with Natural Light Thanks to Lucy from Solenica

October 31, 2016

11:20 am

Working at home is hard. You’re trapped inside all day, working at your desk in what can sometimes feel like a dreary dungeon. You can’t go to the coffee shop every day because you’re not made of money and that espresso is really throwing off your sleep schedule. Open windows can only go so far in brightening up your otherwise dark dwelling. Fortunately, one company is trying to change that by bringing natural light into your apartment.

Lucy is the world’s first portable, effective, and affordable product for bringing natural light into your home. Designed by Solenica, one of the premier robotics startups based out of San Diego, this orb-shaped device has a smart natural lighting system that follows the sun and redirects it into your house. The need for more sun in your life is more than obvious. Whether it’s vitamin D deficiency or seasonal affective disorder, a lack of sun can lead to a wide range of health issues.

“We’re hardwired to thrive in sunlight. It’s good for us, it makes us feel good,” said Diva Tommei, CEO of Solenica. “So why wouldn’t we want to spend more time in it? At Solenica, we believe that a key component to our health, happiness, and productivity is spending more time in the sunshine.”

The features of this device are few but mighty. In addition to being a stylish little device that would be a welcomed addition to any household, Lucy is solar-powered and wire free, making for some of the most portable green technology to ever hit the market. And because your home will be illuminated with natural light, you’ll save big on electric bills because you won’t be wasting energy during the day.

With more and more employees taking the remote work option, having a viable home office is more important than ever. And if your employees are dragging their feet during the week, it could be because of a lack of sunshine. Fortunately, Lucy is here to save the day. Contribute to the hugely successful Indiegogo campaign here and brighten up your home.


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