Bring Corporate Culture to Life with Cooleaf

October 21, 2013

1:00 pm

Do you want to make your employees happier while improving your corporate culture? Cooleaf could be the solution to promoting healthy living and a positive culture in your workplace.

Cooleaf is a free tool for employers looking to help their employees discover fun and exciting ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle at work. This tool makes it easy for employees to find and choose fitness programs that fit their personal needs, schedules, and convenient locations — all while engaging in their company’s wellness program and connecting with their coworkers.

The creators of Cooleaf realized there is a lot of buzz going around about the importance of corporate culture, employee engagement, and wellness in today’s workplace. To their surprise, they discovered there is still little being done to implement these ideas in a meaningful way. With Cooleaf, employers can now make it simple for their employees to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

This platform is a fun and engaging way to get employees moving at work. Cooleaf allows employees to join or create activities they love, such as yoga or running clubs, which enhances the corporate culture and promotes high levels of employee engagement. By creating these activities, employees can engage with their coworkers through fitness and participate in their company’s wellness culture.

Cooleaf’s technology brings together the elements of common platforms such as Meetup, Facebook, and Active all into this app for employers to use. This platform realizes not every company can provide a “one size fits all” wellness program for their company, so Cooleaf allows employers to provide fitness programs that their employees will love and want to participate in.

Another cool feature of Cooleaf is its ability to create a wellness engagement program tailored for each individual company. With Cooleaf, employers can gain access to exclusive corporate discounts on personal training, fitness boot camps, yoga, and nutrition programs. In addition, Cooleaf can allow your company to design their personal fitness programs or help connect your employees with fitness programs in your area.

Not only is Cooleaf working toward promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst employees, but it’s also focused on helping employers build an organizational culture based on health. This platform makes staying healthy “actionable and real” and rewards employees for their commitment to their wellness.

If you want to create happier employees and a healthier culture, then check out what Cooleaf can do for your company. Employees are looking for ways to maintain their wellness in the workplace, and Cooleaf can meet those needs. To learn more about what Cooleaf can do for your corporate culture, visit

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