Who is Buenos Aires’ Hottest Showcasing Startup? [Poll]

September 11, 2014

11:45 am

Buenos Aires, es hora de votar! Tech Cocktail wants your vote for the best startup to represent BA during Tech Cocktail Celebrate in Las Vegas. It’s simple: just choose who is your favorite startup below and vote. One startup will be chosen based on popularity, so every vote counts. So, who is BA’s hottest startup?

Now for the fun part: Who is Buenos Aires’ Hottest Showcasing Startup?  Let us know your thoughts by voting in this poll at the end of this post. The winner will be announced and receive recognition in the editor’s note of the weekly newsletter and added press recognizing the honor of being elected  Buenos Aires’ Hottest Showcasing Startup, as well as a chance for a spot at this year’s national competition, Tech Cocktail Celebrate.

Who is Buenos Aires’ Hottest Showcasing Startup?

  • Clickayuda – Business haven’t found a correct destination for their csr efforts. All companies do the same (volunteering, money donations). In the other hand, most people do not want to donate money. It´s time to solve social problems in a new and creative way: donating clicks! Our project improves the quality of life of the people who currently depend on the NGOs for the coverage of their basic needs. We hope for the platform to be the place for every person who is willing to make something for the society and for the companies to undertake social responsibility campaigns, donating the best they have: their products.
  • CoderHouse – The current available options for learning how to code fail to provide optimal results: – Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have a high drop-out rate, as they lack the student-peer collaboration and instructor-discipline needed to motivate students to learn. – Traditional higher institutions are expensive, have outdated programs and are slow-paced. – Specialized institutes or bootcamps are very expensive.
  • Flyering S.A. – Using Krónos as a source of information involves saving energy resources and protecting the environment by reducing the use of paper and printing to communicate. It enables event organizers, sponsors and exhibitors have authentic information of the attendees in real time. Kronos is an effective and measurable communication channel with attendees.
  • Funnely – Facebook Ads are too complex for SMBs owners? Funnely runs automatic and optimized Facebook Ads campaigns for them, its algorithm pulls data from their Shopify ecommerce and obtains the perfect targeting to leverage performance.
  • Gitcolony – GitColony helps to: – Ensure the code quality of your project – Know for sure which dev is good and which one is just bluffing – Make the code review process is easier, faster and fun – Give developers the possibility to have a standard online reputation based on their skills and abilities.
  • IMHL S.A. – Innovative, social, recurring content: Looking to attract demand from consumers. QUALITY TRAFFIC TO YOUR online store: They are new leads GREATER CHANCE OF BUYING online. Viralization of your brand in social networks: Generate new positive mentions CONSUMERS THROUGH OWN on Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest. Generate online + offline SALES THROUGH INVESTMENT TO USER ADVERTISING shared. Get A MARKET INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION and consumers in real time.
  • Tambero.com – Increase farm production. Farm management. Farm cloud API for hardware manufacturers.
  • Virtuali – Go! is a leadership development experience that is designed to help companies attract, develop, and engage emerging Millennial leaders. It is the only program that enables participants to live abroad for up to 6 weeks while continuing to work full-time in their current jobs. The Go! curriculum focuses on helping participants develop the skills and experience to lead teams, whether they are traditional, virtual or global.
  • Wolox – Wolox is a brand new way of creating technological products. It is a startup devoted to bringing software solutions to entrepreneurs who, having a great team and excellent idea, lack technological partners capable of developing such an output. Our main goal is to maximize your startup’s chances of succeeding, conceiving as well a great contact network that will allow fast growth and boost brand reputation. Wolox aims for high standards and efficiency through an outstanding academic, professional and very human team.


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